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The following is a list of testimonials from stop smoking clients of Peter Garrett, clinical hypnotherapist.

I am unsure how to form this email because you have made a believer out of me and I have not(!) touched a cigarette since our meeting. I was really doubtful that I could give up smoking but was determined from the moment I walked out of your office that I was going to make it happen. I could so easily pick up a cigarette but I know that would be the worst mistake of my life. Did you know that I had one cigarette left in the car when I left our appointment and I wanted to “test it”, or rather have the “final one”, but something in me threw the cigarette away….and that was the last time I held a cigarette. It’s also been a challenging week and so many times I would’ve turned to have a cigarette. But the thought quickly disappears. Surprisingly, there has been no withdrawal symptoms and hideous mood changes. These were my fears as I had seen this in the past when I had tried to give up. I still can’t believe it or explain it but it’s happening and so I am immensely grateful for your help. Words escape me but I do believe you may have just saved my life Peter.


I just wanted to give a quick update as its now been 4 months since our appointment and I have not touched a cigarette. I was so determined after our meeting that I took up training to get healthier and ended up completing my first ever Christchurch marathon over Queen’s birthday weekend. I have no intentions of getting trapped by that drug again. JN

Yes – absolutely smoke free!!! None not even the electric one (which I threw away as soon as I got home). Still do crave a wee bit but I think it is the habit rather than the actual cigarette. JH *

After our session I jumped in my car and smoked three in a row on my way back to work and although I was smoking them I was looking at my cigarette problem in a different way its hard to explain but I got back to work that day and haven’t had one since. TR *

I’ve been absolutely blown away. I haven’t wanted (or had) a cigarette for 6 weeks. I’m delighted, feel much better and my girlfriend is thrilled. JM *

It is going very well indeed.  The day after your treatment I braved a glass of wine on the deck and didn’t even consider having a cigarette.  The following evening some friends came and we had a few glasses of wine and someone was smoking right next to me and it was really easy not to have one.  I thought it smelled quite nice but there was really no thought that I might have one at all.  After the treatment I knew I wasn’t going to smoke again but it didn’t feel like some major event had occurred in your office.  However, after the night of a few glasses with friends I realised that there was a change significantly stronger than if I had just decided one day by myself to stop.  It was as if my decision had been somehow cemented in and instead of wavering I stood firm on it and found it easy to do so.  I am now pregnant and although I never smoke when I am pregnant  I feel happy knowing that I quit before finding out I was pregnant and now I won’t start again afterwards.  CM *

Thanks so much for all your help.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone wanting to give it a go. *

Hi Peter I’m going great 6 weeks today no smoking yay I’m so proud of myself. SB *

Hi Peter,
Haven’t had a ciggy since I saw you! SB *

I am very excited to say that since I saw you, I have not had a cigarette. It has been almost 7 weeks now, and while this has not gone without a few tough times, it has been the most rewarding 7 weeks of my adult life. I would like to thank you for your time, and am so glad that I came to see you and most of all that this has been a success so farI have passed on your details to some of my colleagues at work, who have seen how successful it has been for me. Thanks again. JS *

I wanted to let you know that despite my doubts, I’ve remained smoke free since our session. Not a puff. Feeling pretty strong and proud.
I can’t tell you how stressful the last couple of weeks have been. I have the best excuse to fall off the wagon but it has if anything, become my motivation not to give in… It really helps to wake up every morning without the guilt of smoking 🙂 TJ *

I have not smoked since my hypnotherapy session with you. Which is amazing considering this is the most stressful time of year and my daughter was admitted to hospital as well.
Thanks  CM *

Thanks for checking up on us, we are both doing well, neither of us have smoked since we saw you 3 weeks ago, it’s been difficult at times but have pushed through and are now ex smokers :). Thank you. ND & CD (mother and son) *

I have been good, I did have one when I was very drunk but that’s it. It was really yuck but I threw up afterward 🙂 haven’t had one since 🙂 ST *

Hello Peter, Still not smoking. To be honest i haven’t felt like one either. I had the odd urge in the first week or two but they didn’t last long. Great result, i am really pleased so thank you very much. GB *

After leaving your house I felt very confident in my decision, and that stayed strong for a few days after.  By the following weekend I decided to listen to your CD a couple more times, and I think the more I listen to it the stronger my confidence grows for the long term.
 The initial cravings were getting me down (as expected), coincidentally another friend who has beaten the habit was ready to part ways with an electronic cigarette that had helped him.  I didn’t plan on having any more nicotine, but the electronic cigarette has helped me ease the cravings. So I’m feeling pretty happy with myself, I’ve got the psychological addiction and the physical addiction covered.
Thankfully my work life, my personal life, and my band are keeping me so busy, to be honest days are starting to pass where I’m not even thinking about smoking. RJ *

You will be pleased ( as is my partner) that i have not had one since seeing you..not even a craving really.. so feeling much happier..I have passed my recommendation over the last week to a few people who are keen to stop smoking..Thanks again Peter good work! LI *

You were ‘God Sent’. I drove back from you and went to Papatoetoe to buy some lunch.I still had some 17 rolls of cigarettes in the packet I bought that morning.I picked it up and together with the lighter, I threw it in the bin in Papatoetoe and haven’t had a puff since. Australia trip was great. Smokers galore and I did not have any ‘Urge’. Yesterday I was talking to a council worker who was smoking right in front of me, blowing his smoke my way, and I hated it…hahaha!Thank you very much Peter and people are noticing that ‘Different’ look and smell on me…. I have told a few friends that you are ‘magical’… Atesh *

At first I was a little skeptical of hypnotherapy helping me quit smoking. I put out a cigarette as I walked up to the door of Peter’s clinic. (I was a 30 a day smoker).
I don’t remember much, to be honest I thought I had fallen asleep during the session. So you can imagine how surprised I was that when I walked out afterwards I didn’t feel like a cigarette and haven’t since. RM *
This is truly an amazing, easy way to give up smoking. I have recommended Peter’s clinic to a number of friends and family members who all have had the same result as me.
My only regret is not going to see Peter earlier. SF *

Good morning Peter. Yes, we are still smoke free and are enjoying ourselves ever more so. Thank you for your help. We are passing on your details to our friends. Jennifer and Glen *

Well I’m not smoking so it’s working. I have had cravings, about 3 a day but as I smoked 20 I can not grumble. The cravings last for about 30 seconds and before I know it I’ve forgotten all about it. I have not had any problems being around smokers at all! On Wednesday I forgot all about smoking completely until 7pm when a friend asked me how I was going – great aye! LC *

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from person to person and we do not make any guarantees that you will get the same results as clients who have provided testimonials. *