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Testimonials from previous clients of Auckland Hypnotherapy Services.


My daughter received hypnosis from Peter two years ago for social anxiety.  Peter’s manner is gentle, firstly having a conversation about the challenges faced by our daughter, whilst explaining that some emotions are natural and felt by everyone in similar situations.  Through hypnosis he teaches techniques and new ways of responding to scenarios.  The session is taped so that it can be listened to over and over to retrain the brain.  After three treatments our daughter was able to complete a 21 day outward bound course, then travel to America to work for 5 months.  The following year she left New Zealand to live and work across the world.  Her social anxiety had previously crippled her life choices.  Peter has made a very real difference in the life of our daughter and we can’t thank him enough for the personal development and experiences our daughter has been able to undertake. Thank you Peter. TW

“I was at a stage in my life where my anxiety, self-esteem and low self-confidence were really starting to affect my work and personal life.  I had tried different forms of help with varying results.  I decided to reach out to Peter not sure of what to expect, but also not sure where else to go.  Peter made me feel at ease and together we put a plan together to help me get through and past these issues.  I started seeing change after the first session and a few sessions down the track and I am a totally different person. *  Thank you for everything Peter, you have definitely changed my life.” CB

I had been suffering from debilitating Panic/Anxiety attacks for years that had slowly over time stopped me from leaving the house, driving or going shopping, even working to support myself. I had tried many other options to address this issue including counselling and accupuncture with no avail nor relief. I was recommended to see Peter by my very understanding G.P, as by Christmas 2014 the anxiety attacks were getting worse in duration- almost 24/7. I’m so happy to say that Peter has changed my life with one session.  Straight after the session, I stopped by a busy supermarket to test the results. I was amazed! I was able to to go grocery shopping with no problems at all! A few days later, I started driving again, after not being able to drive for 5 years! * My life is getting back on track and every day is getting better and better. Thank you Peter, you have done in one session, what years of therapy couldn’t do- you helped me get my life back. 😉 AI

Fear of needles – After two sessions with Peter I was finally able to go for a blood test…  * My phobia of needles had made this kind of thing impossible for years. I fully expected to be as hysterical as I usually am when confronted with a needle but the relaxation techniques helped me stay positive and in control. I am so grateful to Peter for helping me regain control over this phobia which was affecting me in such a negative way. Kirsty

Fear of flying – The flight  went great !
 I look back now and I honestly question why was I  so afraid of flying.
I am totally stoked with my achievement flying to Sydney.
I can say taking off wasnt my favourite part of the flight but being up in the air was good,   I was very relaxed and happy.
After landing in Sydney I could not wait to fly home as for the landing part of it…. I found it to be a great thrill…totally loved it.  Lol.
I do have to thank you and your therapy for getting me there,   I appreciate it a lot. TP*

I was a bit dubious of hypnotherapy at first, unsure of whether it could really help someone with an anxiety issue like mine. However Peter was warm and welcoming and while making me fully relaxed was able to resolve my anxiety in only two sessions.* I would thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wants help addressing something in their life, be it anxiety or addiction. Thanks Peter, your help is greatly appreciated. CN *

After only a few sessions Peter has helped me through my anxiety issues. * I had tried many different methods including psychology that helped a little, but was no where as effective as hypnotherapy. I can now continue on with my life feeling a weight has lifted off me and my confidence has returned. I would recommend Peter to everyone that needs help with anxiety issues. BL *

Before I started seeing Peter I couldn’t even be around water without feeling anxious, the thought of putting my face under the water terrified me. After my first session with Peter I could put my face under and swim 25m without even thinking about it. After only a few sessions my confidence in the water grew and I was able to pass my police swimming test.* I appreciate all the help peter has given me. SM *

Fear of Flying – Back a month now from a most wonderful trip which went very well in every way. Flying was good, I surprised my self by not being nervous. It gave me a great boost when I got back to know I had accomplished what I thought was pretty well impossible. DY *

I sought Peter’s help to quit smoking. I was a smoker for 13 years, over this time I tried quitting using several methods but nothing worked for me.  After two sessions only I was able to quit smoking.*  This experience made me realise the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. I therefore decided to address other issues -anxiety and self esteem- through hypnosis.  Once again, Peter worked his magic. After one session, I once again felt confident at work and my anxiety levels dropped to normal, with a long lasting effect. *

I would recommend Peter’s expertise to anyone that one wanting to improve the quality of their life in a quick and effective way.  ES *

“Having tried a number of different therapies with differing results, I was keen to try something new. My thoughts on Hypnotherapy were at first nervous but after the first session they turned to excitement as I started seeing a positive change in my everyday life. Peter’s techniques really do provide you with the tools to make a positive change. Over the course of my therapy I noticed myself becoming more optimistic, relaxed, less fearful and a lot happier.  Thanks Peter!” MH *

After many visits to the psychologist and doctors etc. this was my last resort before medication. So glad that my wife found this guy. Use him, you won’t believe the change! MW *

“After years of anxiety I finally feel as though I found something
that works. * Everyday I’m feeling better and better”.SM *

“Hypnotherapy has really helped my anxiety and has given me confidence to try new things I previously would have avoided.
It has also taught me the art of deep relaxation which I can now do on my own.
I would definitely recommend Peter to anyone with any sort of anxiety issue as he truly can help” AB *


What can I say – the first lecture went AMAZINGLY WELL! I performed like a veritable rock star (well, compared to how I thought things might go before our sessions!) I did have that small amount of nerves/tension throughout the day that you  predicted, nothing major  compared to the levels I would have experienced in the past. But when time came to deliver, I was fine, no nerves, no shaky hands or voice – WOW! I did everything we covered, was myself and interacted naturally with students….it was amazing! I cannot thank you enough and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who may benefit.

 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  KH *
I came to see you about 1.5 years ago for anxiety and help with Public Speaking and the therapy has really made a huge difference in my life. Every time I have to talk I am just amazed at how easy it is for me now. Thank you very much!! DR *

Just wanted to let you know that my presentation yesterday was a success. I was really pleased how it went and I got lots of positive feedback. The work I did with you was a huge help and I feel I’ve made a real step forward. VS*
Thanks for the sessions.  I really enjoyed them and it’s good to feel hopeful about my asthma again.  I had been feeling quite down about it and I feel like I have turned a corner.  ML *


I came to Peter with low self-confidence issues and through his hypnotherapy and
visualisation techniques was able to boost my confidence levels. I am now working a
commission only sales job and am doing very well, and I credit Peter for this success as
he gave me the tools and confidence to do this. I always came out of each session feeling
refreshed and energised and am now able to regenerate those same feelings at will. I
would definitely recommend Peter to help anyone trying to improve themselves.

PJM North Shore *

Disclaimer: Actual results may vary from person to person and we do not make any guarantees that you will get the same results as clients who have provided testimonials. *