Overcome Sleep Problems

A young man is fast asleep in bed.

How would you like to go to sleep easily at night and sleep soundly till morning and awake feeling refreshed and energized?  Do you find you can’t get to sleep when you go to bed at night?  Wake in the night and can’t get back to sleep? Thoughts run around in your head stopping you from relaxing and falling asleep? You are always tired and wanting to drop off during the day? I can help. *

Hypnosis is a natural enjoyable process that will help you to learn to easily relax your mind and body and to change your sleep patterns so that you are getting enough sleep every night and enjoying increased energy and vitality to get the most out of every day.

I will help you:

  • identify and put in place the right routines for you to feel relaxed at bedtime
  • relax your mind and body at bedtime
  • still your mind if you have anxious thoughts running around your head
  • get a full night’s sleep *

Contact me to take a step towards a full relaxing night’s sleep.

Disclaimer: Results may differ between clients an so no guarantees of success can be given *