Nutrition and Health

Young woman on scales after exercising.

In New Zealand we have an epidemic of obesity and chronic disease, some cancers, heart disease, auto-immune conditions, alzheimers. We also have the potential threat of another wave of the covid 19 epidemic. I recent years there has been an amazing development in the understanding of the human body and how to maximise health. The new area of research is into what is called the microbiome. This is the trillions of micro organisms (bacteria, viruses etc) that live within our bodies. These micro organisms are the interface between our bodies and the environment and regulate our bodies to adapt to the environment. The major part of the micro biome is in our gut where it performs a range of functions the most important of which is our auto immune system that helps to protect us from illness and to recover from illness. If our microbiome is balanced and healthy it has a huge positive effect on our overall well being, our protection against chronic illness and can help to alleviate the effects of chronic illness if we already have one. There are a few factors that influence the micro biome including stress, exercise and environmental toxins but the greatest influence comes from the food we eat.

More and more research is showing that infammation and stress have a negative effect on the micro biome and that fibre is the most important nutritional element for maintaining a healthy micro biome. Most New Zealanders don’t eat enough fibre and eat a lot of inflammatory foods so our overall health is being seriously effected. Fibre comes from plants so the journey to a healthy micro biome is a big increase in plant foods.

For those that make the change to a more plant based diet the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Easy weight management
  • More energy
  • Reduced risk of serious illness
  • Improvement in existing conditions

I am not a doctor or nutritionist so my role is to make people aware of the science that supports this change and, if they go on the journey towards vibrant health, use hypnosis to support motivation and the breaking of bad eating habits.

Here is a Youtube video by a leading expert in the micro biome and health.


I went to Peter initially to deal with my stress eating, in particular binging on sugar when outside factors that I couldn’t control were affecting me emotionally. Being a personal trainer who needs to look and feel good for my own sake and also clients it was becoming an issue that I needed to deal with.

The results were instant for me, and the taste and thought of sugar revolted me. Because of that I dropped extra body fat and started getting compliments on how I was looking. This journey has been so amazing and has left me more clear-headed and content. I have been recommending it to everyone! CB