End Sugar Addiction

Young woman on scales after exercising.Recent nutritional research has shown sugar and refined grains have a very negative effect on human health. They contribute greatly to weight gain but are also implicated in the high levels of diabetes and heart disease in New Zealand as well as contributing to the development of cancers. Most people would benefit from reducing their sugar intake. But it isn’t always easy. Many people have a strong psychological addiction to sweet food and find it very hard to cut down. Hypnotherapy can be very helpful in developing the mindset that enables many people to maintain consistency in their eating to bring about a change in their preferred foods. Imagine if you could achieve the change and enjoy easier weight management and a greater feeling of well being.


I went to Peter initially to deal with my stress eating, in particular binging on sugar when outside factors that I couldn’t control were affecting me emotionally. Being a personal trainer who needs to look and feel good for my own sake and also clients it was becoming an issue that I needed to deal with.

The results were instant for me, and the taste and thought of sugar revolted me. Because of that I dropped extra body fat and started getting compliments on how I was looking. This journey has been so amazing and has left me more clear-headed and content. I have been recommending it to everyone! CB